The information listed below was taken primarily from the track profiles and timetables of the Illinois Central, Yazoo & Mississippi Valley, Norfolk Southern, Burlington Northern, Mississippi Export, Columbus & Greenville, Gulf Mobile & Ohio and Kansas City Southern Railroads. Some of the data was very sparse. Information was also contributed by Robert Tomb, David Bridges, Derrick Davis, Tony Howe, Tom Lucas, Arthur Purchase, Terry Shearer, Mike Woodruff, Barry Caulfield, Ken Harris, Steven Warrington, Allan Hammons, Joseph Marascalco, Liza Schnabel and Basil Watkins.  There may also be draw bridge and swing bridge data missing where I was unable to decipher the codes used. I would appreciate all updated information that can be provided on the areas listed below, especially on whether the structures still exist or not.

Note: In the listings on this page, only the railroad names usually associated with the line in recent history are listed. More detailed information is available on each web page.

For additional information on specific towns, it is recommended that you visit the Mississippi Rails website town listings.

PAGE 1 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Memphis, TN to Grenada IC, CN
Hobson Crossing (Tennessee line) to Grenada IC, CN
Grenada to Jackson IC, CN
Jackson to Osyka (Louisiana line) IC, CN

PAGE 2 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Lakeview (Tennessee line) to Lake Cormorant IC, CN
Lake Cormorant to Leland IC, Y&MV
Leland to Vicksburg IC, Y&MV, KCS
Vicksburg to Kenner, LA IC, Y&MV, KCS, GLSR
Valley to Redwood Jct. IC, KCS
Leland to ? L SW RR

PAGE 3 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Lake Cormorant to Jackson IC, CN
Greenwood to Grenada Y&MV
Durant to Gwin IC, Y&MV
Phillip to Charleston IC, Y&MV
Lambert to Tutwiler IC, Y&MV
Mattson to Lombardy Y&MV
Webb to Parchman IC, Y&MV
Helena, Ark. to Eagles Nest IC, Y&MV, MSDR

PAGE 4 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Clarksdale to Swan Lake Y&MV, IC, MSDR
Tutwiler to Yazoo City Y&MV, YD, IC
Silver City to Kelso Y&MV
Coahoma to Greenville Y&MV, IC, GTR, CAGY
Greenville to Riverside Jct. Y&MV
Lamont to Huntington Y&MV
Metcalfe to Leland Y&MV, IC, CAGY
Leland to Yerger Y&MV
Hampton to Glen Allen Y&MV
Rosedale to Dockery Y&MV

PAGE 5 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Canton to Kosciusko CKA&T, NOJ&GN
Aberdeen Jct. (Durant) to Aberdeen IC, KSRY
Okolona to Aberdeen M&S, CM&P, A&TV, MC&G
Kosciusko to Zama KSE
Okolona to Calhoun City GH&E, V&N, N&MD, Sou Ry In Miss, M&O, OH&CC
Sardis to Bobo S&D
Batesville to Crowder BSW, IC
Bruce Jct. to Bruce M&SV
Stoneville to Richey GDC&RF, GC&B, GP, Sou Ry In Miss., DS, CAGY
Elizabeth to Kergs Mill Sou Ry In Miss., DS, CAGY
Itta Bena to Webb Sou Ry In Miss., GP, CAG
Minter City to Black Bayou Y&MV, IC
Minter City Jct. to Sisloff Y&MV, IC
Itta Bena to Belzoni Sou Ry In Miss., DS, CAGY, IB&B
GT Jct to Trinity GTRA

PAGE 6 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Jackson to Natchez Y&MV, IC
Fernwood to Foxworth FC&G, ICG
Meridian to Lorraine, LA A&V, VS&P, Y&MV, IC, MSRC, KCS
Meehan Jct. to Battlefield Tallahata RR
Raymond to Bolton Raymond RR
Meridian to Union M&M, GM&N, GM&O, ICG
Union to Jackson J&E, GM&N, GM&O, ICG, SR, MSRC, KCS
Ruslor Jct. to Golden M&A, AW, IC, NS, RRCI
Corinth to Counce, TN CCR, KCS
Yellow Creek to Yellow Creek Port KCS
Iuka to Tri-State Commerce Park TISH

PAGE 7 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Hattiesburg to Natchez MSC, IC, CN
Natchez to Hamburg MR
Hattiesburg to Runnelstown MSC
Hattiesburg to Royce MSC
Brookhaven to Monticello IC
Brookhaven to gravel pit MB&N, IC, CN
Norfield to Oakvale NC&M
Bogue Chitto to Hustler BCL&S
Slaughter, LA to Woodville Y&MV, IC
Missala (Pascagoula) to Baldwin Lodge (Pearl River) CSX, L&N
Canton to Burnside C&C, IC, CN
River Hill to Pelahatchie (west and east routes) C&C

PAGE 8 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Maxie to Mendenhall CL&G, G&SI, IC, C&SC
North Slidell, LA to Covington, LA NOGN, GM&N, GM&O, IC
Florenville, La. to Pearl River, LA NOGN, GM&N
Slidell, La. to Jackson NOGN, GM&N, GM&O, IC, CN
Foxworth (West Columbia) to Columbia NOGN, GM&N, GM&O
Rio, La. to Tylertown NOGN, GM&N, GM&O, ICG
State Line to Ruslor Jct M&O, GM&O, ICG, G&M, SR, MDS, KCS
Artesia to Starkville M&O, GM&O
Muldon to Aberdeen M&O, GM&O
Narkeeta to Alabama state line G&M, G&T, MG&T, M&O
Lauderdale to Alabama state line AC, ETV&G
Dillion to Louisiana line KE
Robinson Switch to Henderson C&J

PAGE 9 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Artesia to McCrary FM&O, ICG, SR, KCS, ABS
Mobile, AL to Middleton, TN GM&O, ICG, G&M, SR, MSRC, CN, KCS, WAMX, MT
McLain Jct to Paive GM&N
Saratoga to Laurel G&SI, IC, CN
Laurel to Kingston G&SI. IC
Ellisville Jct. to Ellisville GM&O
Beaumont to Hattiesburg B&HS, ICG, CN
Gulfport to Jackson G&SI, IC, KCS
Stevens to Paulding M&W
Tuscanola GE
Avalon AS
Avera AN
Bonhomie BSW
Eastabuchie E&W
Epps EN
Itta Bena H-R
Hiwannee H&T
Inda I&GN

PAGE 10 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Rounsaville to Leakesville A&M, M&A
Dueitt to Evanston A&M
Pascagoula to Evanston MSE
Kewanee to Nicholson AGS, NONE, SOU, NS
Mineral Wells to Gatmann SLSF, BN, BNSF
Minter City to Dockery Y&MV
Amory to Forreston SLSF, BN, BNSF, AGR
East Aberdeen to Aberdeen SLSF, BN, BNSF
Iuka to Wenasoga SOU, NS
Tylertown to Liberty LW
Irene to Keiths LW
Quitman to Theadville ME
Moss Point to Kreole Mills A&M
Meridian to Whynot MB
Merrill to woods Pascagoula Hardwood
Grand Gulf to Port Gibson GG&PG
Amory to Fulton MISS, MSRW
Lumberton to Kiln MS
Wolf River to Savannah DL
DeKalb to Sucarnochee D&W
Electric Mills Jct. to Electric Mills D&W
Bola to Cybur CG&NW
Nicholson to Rowlands PRV
Picayune to New Camp Rowlands PRV
Helm to Jacob H&NW

PAGE 11 includes information on:

Cities connected Railroads
Alta, Alabama to Columbus SOU, CAGY, LXVR
Columbus to Greenville CAGY, GC&B, GP, Sou Ry In Miss., ICG
Taylorsville L&TW
Moss Point to Pascagoula MP&P,  PSR&P
Orvisburg PR&W
Isola QC
Rosine R&V
Shubuta to Eucutta S&SW
Shubuta SV