Illinois Central Railroad Alphabetic Designations for Railroad Lines

Note: The main line from Chicago to New Orleans did not have an alphabetic prefix


Beginning and ending towns Junction with other I.C. lines towns
  Chicago, IL - New Orleans, LA 67th St., Blue Island Jct., Otto, Gilman, Rantoul, Champaign, Mattoon, Effingham, Edgewood, Du Quoin, Carbondale, Mounds, Cairo Jct., Fulton, Jackson, J. & S. E. Jct., Bemis, W. V. Jct, Memphis Jct., Winona, Durant, Aberdeen Jct., Jackson, Brookhaven, Fernwood, Hammond, Orleans, Jct., Harahan Jct., Southport Jct.
A Freeport, IL - Branch Jct. (Centralia), IL Normal, Normal Jct., Clinton, Decatur, Decatur Jct., 
AA Blue Island Jct., IL - Blue Island, IL Blue Island Jct.
AB Nevada, IL - Van Wood, IL  
AD Bloomington, IL - Kansas City, MO Murrayville, Roodhouse, Mexico
AE Mexico, MO - Fulton, MO Mexico
AF Godfrey, IL - Wann, IL Godfrey, Wann
AG Godfrey, IL - White Hall, IL Roodhouse
AH S. Joliet, IL - Mazonia, IL S. Joliet, Mazonia
AI Brickyard Jct., IL - Murrayville, IL Brickyard Jct., K. C. Jct
AO Chicago Union Station, IL - Wann, IL Brighton Park, S. Joliet, DY Tower, Normal, Athol, Lincoln, Springfield, K. C. Jct.
B Peoria, IL - Evansville, IN Peoria, Pekin, C&NW Jct., Lincoln, Mt. Pulaski, North Jct., Decatur Jct., Newton, Mattoon
BA Stewartsville, IN - New Harmony, IN  
BB Evansville, IN - McClains, KY  
BH Beaumont, MS - Hattiesburg, MS Beaumont, Hattiesburg
BJ Maxon, KY - Fulton, KY  
C Waterloo, IA - Albert Lea, MN  
CG Alabama/Mississippi state line - Greenville, MS West Point, Mathiston, Winona, Greenwood, Moorhead, Elizabeth, Stoneville, Greenville
CI Chicago & Illinois Western RR
Western Av - Hodgkins, IL
CIW P.S. Main Line, IL - C.B. & Q. Jct, IL  
CS Stacyville Jct., IA - Stacyville, IA Stacyville Jct.
D Gilman, IL - St. Louis Union Depot, MO Gilman, Clinton, Mt. Pulaski, Springfield, Brickyard Jct., 
DA Carbondale, IL - Paducah, KY  
E Otto, IL - Bloomington, IL Otto, Normal Jct.
F Saxony, IL - Minock Jct., IL  
FC Fernwood, MS - ICGRR crossing (Foxworth), MS Fernwood, Foxworth
G East St. Louis, IL - Paducah, KY Pickneyville, Carbondale
GA St. Louis, MO  
GA Union, MS - Jackson, MS Union, Jackson
GB Wilson, IL - Brush, IL  
GC Belleville, IL - E. Carondelet, IL  
GD Carbondale, IL - Johnson City, IL Carbondale
GE Pickneyville, IL - Eldorado, IL Pickneyville, Du Quoin, Christopher, Groat, Ferber
GG McClure, IL - Mounds, IL Mounds
GG Mobile, AL - Iselin, TN Mobile, Frascati Jct., Beaumont, Kingston, Newton, Union, Ackerman, Mathiston, Bemis, Jackson
GK Wilson Jct., IL - Brush Jct., IL  
GM Texas Jct., IL - Thebes Spur, IL  
GN Meridian, MS - Union, MS Meridian, Union
GO Christopher, IL - Ziegler, IL Christopher
GR Reevesville, IL - Golconda, IL  
GS Matthews, IL - Sand Ridge, IL  
GT W. Frankfort Jct., IL - W. Frankfort, IL  
GU Junction Switch, IL - Stewart Mine, IL Junction Switch
GW Jackson, TN - Dyersburg, TN Jackson, Dyersburg
H Aberdeen Jct. (Durant), MS - Aberdeen, MS Aberdeen Jct., Ackerman, Starkville, West Point
HA Winnfield, AL - Brilliant, AL  
J Louisville, KY - Grenada, MS Fulton, Rives, Dyersburg, Woodstock, Memphis, W.V. Jct., Memphis Jct. (Grenada)
JA Wheatcroft, KY - Providence, KY  
JC Blackford, KY - Dixon, KY  
JD Dyersburg, TN - Tiger Tail, TN Dyersburg, Deer
JE Evansville, IN - Nashville, TN  
JF Chiles, KY - Fulton, KY Chiles, Fulton
JG Woodstock, TN - Nonconnah Yard, TN Woodstock, Memphis
JK Louisville, KY - Grenada, MS (may be error, same as J)  
JH Cecilia, KY - Hodgenville, KY  
JK River Queen, KY - Dawson Springs, KY  
JM Deer, TN - Hickman, KY Deer
JN Dyersburg, TN - Mengelwood, TN  
JO Horse Branch, KY - Owensboro, KY  
JP Paducah, KY - East Cairo, KY C. R. Jct., Maxon
JS Stevens Jct., TN - Mengelwood, TN  
JT Moffatt, TN - Troy, TN  
JU Morganfield, KY - Uniontown, KY  
K Gwin, MS - Durant, MS Gwin, Durant
L Memphis Poplar Station, TN - New Orleans, LA Memphis, Lake Cormorant, Lula, Coahoma, Clarksdale, Boyle, Elizabeth, Leland, Riverside 
Jct., Kelso, Redwood Jct., Vicksburg, Harriston, Roxie, Ethel, Slaughter, Baton Rouge Jct., Kenner Jct., Harahan Jct.,  Southport Jct.
LA Moores, MS - Yerger, MS Lamont, Metcalfe, Stoneville, Leland
LB Slaughter, LA - Woodville, MS Slaughter
LC Ethel, LA - Clinton, LA Ethel
LD Tutwiler, MS - Yazoo City, MS Tutwiler, Moorhead, Belzoni, Silver City, Yazoo Jct.
LE Lake Cormorant, MS - Tutwiler, MS Lake Cormorant, Lambert, Tutwiler
LF Black Bayou Jct., MS - Minter City, MS - Sisloff, MS Black Bayou Jct. Minter City Jct., Sisloff 
LG Hampton, MS - Glen Allen, MS Hampton
LH Grenada Jct. (Greenwood), MS - Grenada, MS Grenada Jct., Grenada
LK Mattson, MS - Lombardy, MS Mattson
LM Helena, AR - Eagles Nest, MS Lula
LN Jackson, MS - Natchez, MS Jackson, Harriston, Natchez
LO Lambert, MS - Swan Lake, MS Lambert, Swan Lake
LP Philipp, MS - Charleston, MS Philipp
LQ Helm, MS - Jacobs, MS Helm
LR Coahoma, MS - Riverside Jct., MS Coahoma, Rosedale, Lamont, Wilczinski, Metcalfe, Greenville, Riverside Jct.
LS Rosedale, MS - Dockery, MS Rosedale, Boyle
LT Clarksdale, MS - Gwin, MS Clarksdale, Mattson, Tutwiler, Swan Lake, Black Bayou Jct., Sisloff, Philipp, Grenada Jct., Greenwood, Gwin
LU Valley, MS - Redwood Jct., MS Velley, Redwood Jct.
LW Silver City, MS - Kelso, MS Silver City, Kelso
LY Nonconnah Yard, TN  
LX Webb, MS - Parchman, MS Webb, Parchman
LZ Baton Rouge, LA - Covington ,LA Baton Rouge Jct., Hammond, Covington
M Jackson, MS - Gwin, MS
(later extended north over LE, LT & LO to Lake Cormorant)
Jackson, Valley, Yazoo Jct., Gwin
MA Maxie, MS - Mendenhall, MS Maxie, Columbia, Silver Creek, Mendenhall
MB Saratoga, MS - Laurel, MS Saratoga, Laurel
? Laurel, MS - Kingston, MS Laurel, Kingston
MC Mounds, IL - Mound City, IL Mounds, Mound City
MG Gulfport, MS - Jackson, MS Maxie, Bell Yard, Hattiesburg, Saratoga, Mendenhall, Jackson
MH Hattiesburg, MS - Natchez, MS Hattiesburg, Silver Creek, Wanilla, Brookhaven, Roxie, Natchez
MM Mobile, AL - Tolson, IL Mobile, Bay Shore Jct., Meridian, Artesia, West Point, Corinth, Ruslor Jct., Perry, Iselin Jct., Jackson, Cairo Jct., Percy
MP Vidalia, LA - Packton, LA
Louisiana Midland RR
Natchez (via ferry)
MR Artesia, MS - Montgomery, AL Artesia, Columbus, Tuscaloosa
MW Tuscaloosa, AL - Fox, AL Tuscaloosa
N Champaign, IL - Havana, IL White Heath, Clinton
NA North Slidell, LA - Covington, LA North Slidell, Covinton
NB Rio, LA - Tylertown, MS Rio, Tylertown
NC Foxworth, MS - Columbia, MS Foxworth, Columbia
NN Slidell, LA - Jackson, MS N. Slidell, Rio, Foxworth, Wanilla, Jackson
O Frogmoor, TN - Birmingham (Terminal Station), AL Frogmoor, Perry, Ruslor Jct.
OX Pratt City, AL - Bessemer, AL  
P White Heath, IL - Decatur, IL White Heath, Decatur
PI P&I Jct., KY - Metropolis Jct., KY Metropolis, Chiles
PR Brookhaven, MS - Monticello, MS Brookhaven, Monticello
PS Brookhaven, MS - Gravel Pit, MS Brookhaven
Q West Lebanon, IN - Le Roy, IL Rantoul, Champaign
R Freeport, IL - Madison, WI  
S Cherokee, IA - Sioux Falls, SD  
SC South Chicago Jct. (67th St.), IL - South Chicago, IL  
T Cherokee, IA - Onawa, IA  
U Edgewood, IL - Metropolis Jct. IL Edgewood, Akin Jct., Ferber, Metropolis
UX Campbell Yard, IL - Boothby, IL Akin Jct. Groat
V Freeport, IL - Dodgeville, WI  
VD Vicksburg, MS - Lorraine, LA Vicksburg, West Monroe
VM Meridian, MS - Vicksburg, MS Meridian, Newton, Jackson, Vicksburg
VW West Monroe, LA - Winnfield, LA West Monroe
W Chicago (Randolph St.), IL - Souix City, IA S. Wye Jct., 
WA Tara, IA - South Omaha, NE  
WB South Addison, IL - Addison, IL  
WC Parkway, IL - Harlem Jct., IL  
X Indianapolis, IN - Effingham, IL Effingham, Newton
XA Bloom. Southern Jct., IN - end of track  
Y Buckingham, IL - Tracy, IL  
Z Manchester, IA - Cedar Rapids, IA  
? Homewood, IL - Thornton, IL Homewood